Ethically Sourced, Wild Harvested & Organic Certified!

If you are looking for top quality organic frozen fruit purées, you’re in the right place! We offer the highest grade organic açaí and dragon fruit purées in various packaging sizes.

We offer a specialist B2B service to suit your needs. Whether you are a manufacturer, a juice bar, a restaurant or someone who loves rare organic tropical fruits. We’ve got you covered!

Organic Açaí Purée

Wild harvested from açaí palms along the riverbanks of the Amazon rainforest. Our organic açaí purée is second to none!

Available in two grades: 14% especial and 15% extra especial, these are the highest and most concentrated forms of açaí purée available on the commercial market. 

We offer a wide range of packaging sizes ranging from 100g sachets to 5kg blocks.

Organic Dragon Fruit Purée

Our organic dragon fruit purée is from fruits grown in Nicaraguas rich volcanic soils.

The best quality organic dragon fruit in the world is grown in Nicaragua due to its favourable climate and volcanic soils. The dragon fruit cactus is also native to Central America.

We offer organic dragon fruit purée in 100g sachets only. However, we do have a conventional purée from Brazil in 100g sachets and 5kg blocks.