About Us

We are a British / Brazilian owned company that specializes in importing the highest grade, organic certified tropical fruit purées. Our main focus is on supplying our UK / EU customers with ethically sourced açaí & dragon fruit pulps.

The only way to experience the joys of an authentic açaí bowl is to use our frozen organic purée. Freeze dried powders do not compare in terms of flavour, texture and nutritional value. Our organic dragon fruit purée has an electric pink colour and a delicate, rich flavour.

We ethically source our organic açaí purée from the depths of the Brazilian Amazon. Our organic dragon fruit purée comes from fruits grown in fertile volcanic Nicaraguan soils. We are accredited by the Soil Association which means that our organic frozen purées meet the high standards of the UK’s largest organic certifier.

We only work with BRC or equivalent certified suppliers which means that our products meet the highest food safety requirements of UK and EU legislation.


Our walk in freezer works exclusively from renewable energy, greatly reducing our carbon footprint. Additionally our temperature controlled packaging is compostable, recyclable and vegan. This is a great way to ensure that unnecessary single use plastic is not a part of our business model.

Our organic certified açaí and dragon fruit purées are not grown using any harmful fertilizers, which means local waterways and soils are protected. This type of regenerative agriculture gives families an income whilst causing minimal disruption to our delicate ecosystems. Our organic açaí is wild harvested from “açaízeiro” palms in the Amazon rainforest, this means no land is cleared for plantations.