With frozen fruit purée, you can enjoy your favourite exotic fruits all year round. We provide a large selection of fruits, including açai, dragon fruit, soursop, and mango. Our frozen fruit purée is straight from Brazil, and made up of the best quality, organic tropical fruit, picked during their peak harvest period. No preservatives, no colourings, and no added sugars. 

At Naweii, our frozen fruit purée is produced sustainably as it’s our priority to support the environment and the local communities we work with. Our long-term relationship with our suppliers ensures Naweii gets the best pick of fresh fruit for our natural frozen fruit purée. Available for single or bulk orders, we ship around the world. Get free next day delivery for orders to the UK, or get a 60% discount for bulk orders.


Frozen fruit purée is perfect for smoothies, sorbet, and more!

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