Cashew Apple Frozen Purée (10x100g)






Our Cashew Apple Purée is unpasteurised and 100% natural. Our frozen purées contain no preservatives or chemicals, and have no added water or sugar. Naweii only uses the best quality Brazilian fruit, so our cashew apple frozen purée doesn’t need any additives to taste great.

The Cashew Apple is native to Brazil where it grows naturally along the northeastern coast. Cashew apples typically have a very short shelf life and for this reason it is rarely exported to Europe. Considered a ‘false fruit’ as the more commonly known cashew nut sits on top of the fruit. Regardless, the delicious fruit has a variety of health benefits, including being rich in antioxidants. The pulp is often used to make liquors, jams, sweets, juices and more. Our frozen fruit purée product is also great for smoothies and baking. 

Available for single and bulk orders, getting cashew apple delivered has never been easier!


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