Frozen Hog Plum Purée (10x100g)






The hog plum is native to the tropical Americas and is also known as a june plum, golden apple, or yellow mombin. The pulp is typically used in juices, jellies, chutneys and more, which is why our frozen hog plum purée is so versatile. The fruit has a distinct tangy flavour and bright yellow colour, and is rich in vitamin C and iron! Our fruit product is 100% pure to ensure that you can benefit from its natural health benefits, so there are no preservatives, chemicals, water, sugar, and it’s unpasteurised. 

At Naweii we work directly with our fruit suppliers in Brazil to get the best quality fruit of the season, at the best time of the year. Which is why we work with restaurants around the world to provide the best fruit products, and even offer free next day delivery to orders in the UK. Our hog plum purée is available for single orders or discounted bulk orders.


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Weight 1 kg