Mangaba Purée (10x100g)






The Mangaba fruit is native to Brazil and usually found in the northeastern and Cerrado regions. Its distinct flavour makes our frozen mangaba purée perfect for making cocktails called caipirinhas, or juices, jams and preserves. This fruit is rich in iron and vitamins A and C, and is one of the best kept secrets of Brazilian food!

Our Mangaba Purée is unpasteurized, 100% natural, contains no chemicals or preservatives, and has no added sugar or water. At Naweii we don’t have to add anything to our fruit products to make them taste great. This is because we have cultivated sustainable relationships with the best fruit suppliers in Brazil to ensure we get the best pick of in season fruit, while supporting the local environment and communities that provide for us.

Bulk buy our frozen mangaba fruit for your restaurant at a discounted price, and get free next day delivery across the UK. We also ship internationally.


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