Frozen Mango Purée (40x100g Box)






Our frozen Mango purée has a sweet and aromatic flavour, and is also rich in vitamin C and copper, which are essential nutrients for the body. In fact, mangoes are the most widely consumed tropical fruit in the world, and the pulp can be used in a variety of recipes. Perfect for high-end restaurants and at home recipes, mango pulp is great in juices, ice creams, lassi, and sorbets.

Our Mango Purée is made of the best quality Brazilian Palmer mangoes and doesn’t require any additives. Our product is 100% natural, flash pasteurised (HTST), and free-from chemicals, preservatives, added water and added sugar. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure our fruit comes from quality, sustainable means, to benefit the local community and environment. Order now for single and bulk orders for free next day delivery in the UK!


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Weight 1 kg