Frozen Passion Fruit Purée (40x100g Box)




Passion Fruit


The passion fruit vine is native to South and Central America, and comes in many varieties, each with their own individual flavour. Since passion fruit is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, it’s often bought after for it’s health benefits and distinct taste. Passion fruit’s intense tangy, tart flavour makes it a perfect addition when making juices, smoothies, mousses, preserves and more. Our passion fruit purée does not contain any seeds, so it makes the baking process really easy. 

Our Passion Fruit Purée is sourced from Brazil when it’s in peak season, and then frozen to ensure our customers can enjoy tasty passion fruit all year round. Because our fruit is great quality and stored in optimal conditions, it’s flash pasteurized (HTST), 100% natural, has no added sugars or water, and is chemical and preservative free. We don’t need any additives to make a delicious, high-quality product. This makes our yellow passion fruit pulp a great option for healthy eating recipes at home or in restaurants.

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