Want to know how to use our products? At Naweii we love testing new recipes for our organic frozen fruit purées! Whether you’re looking for healthy breakfast inspiration, how to use fruit pulp in baking, or experimenting with tropical cuisine, then you’re in the right place. 

See below for all of our recipes, or search by smoothies, frozen sorbet, and more. Tried one of our recipes? Let us know by tagging us on Instagram @naweiifruit to show us your creations! We love how ‘Instagrammable’ healthy eating can be with a delicious açai bowl or a tasty frozen sorbet on your feed. #Naweii to rate your skills!

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Our Classic Açaí Bowl Recipe

Try out our classic açaí smoothie bowl recipe today!

Açaí Bowl Recipe Without Banana

Looking for a tasty smoothie bowl recipe without banana? Try out our easy açaí recipe!

Açai & Date Smoothie Bowl Recipe

2oog frozen açaí especial purée (broken into small pieces)

1 banana

3 zamli dates

Dragon Fruit & Cherry Smoothie Bowl Recipe

1oog dragon fruit purée

1 banana (frozen)

A few cherries (frozen)

A dash of coconut cream or coconut milk

Açai & Blueberry Smoothie Bowl Recipe

200g frozen açaí especial purée

1 banana (frozen)

A few blueberrys (frozen)

A dash of oat milk

Date syrup