Wholesale Frozen Fruit

Our wholesale frozen fruit pulps are the perfect ingredient for your food business as they can be used to make 100% natural raw fruit juices, smoothies, ice creams, ice lollies, sauces, jams, milkshakes, cakes, and more. The versatility of our products isn’t the only selling point. Our products meet HACCP guidelines to ensure the highest food safety standards throughout our whole production process, from tree to table. We work closely with Brazil’s local community to ensure ethically-sourced, quality fruit. No preservatives, colourings, or added sugars, our wholesale frozen fruit products are healthy, eco-friendly, and vegan.

Whatever your business needs, we work with our partners to find cost-effective solutions, so your menu can benefit from the sweet taste of the Brazilian tropics. Furthermore, we work with distributors, supermarkets, and wholesalers within the UK to curate long term, sustainable partnerships. Wholesale frozen fruit in the UK also comes with free shipping and next day delivery. We pride ourselves on our business relationships in Brazil and the UK, and strive to go above and beyond in all of our services. 

International Wholesale Fruit

We know that dealing with companies overseas can be challenging, especially when it comes to frozen products such as fruit pulps and açaí. We manage all our own exports from Brazil (via Pure Vida EIRELLI) to ensure the quality of our Brazilian fruit products during distribution. All our wholesale frozen fruit products are Individually quick frozen (IQF) as purées or pulps and shipped in containers to anywhere around the world (FOB). Buying from us will give you peace of mind that your investment is in good hands, as you will receive top quality products at a fair price.

We work with you to ensure your wholesale fruit needs are met. Do you want your purées pasteurized or unpasteurized? What is the local legislation for food safety standards? Do you want your products in 1oog sachets, 1 kg blocks, 20 kg box, or 200 kg drums? Do you want your own branded packaging for an additional cost? Whatever your company needs, we will go above and beyond to ensure that your wholesale fruit requirements are met.

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